Innocent Face, David’s Father Reveals It Turns Out that Rafael Alun Forged Mario’s Report

Jakarta – The trial involving Mario Dandy as a suspect in the assault on Cristalino David Ozora has just been held. During the trial, several facts were revealed.

One of the highlights is the role of Rafael Alun Trisambodo, Mario Dandy’s father. Turns out he had a role in trying to change BAP. How did David’s father react? Let’s take a peek together!

Call the role of Rafael Alun

From the results of the trial, it was revealed that Rafael Alun Trisambodo played a role in trying to change the dossier of the case when the case of abuse by his son was still being processed at the Polsek level. This is known from the confession of one of the other suspects, Shane Lukas.

“When I picked up AG, Mario kept calling me. Change your BAP. Then I said, why Den? Just change it later like this like this. Ouch, I don’t dare, I’m afraid there’s CCTV, like that. There’s no need to be afraid,” Shane Lukas testified at the trial some time ago as reported by tvOneNews, Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

David’s father, Jonathan Latumahina, then commented on the actions of Rafael and Mario Dandy through his tweets on Twitter. He said that Rafael Alun had an innocent look but apparently it was Rafael who arranged for the falsification of his son’s report.

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