Invited to Taaruf by 400 Men, Inara Rusli Admits That He Needs to Sort Them

Jakarta – Anji asked if it was true that there were 100 men who had invited Inara Rusli’s taaruf. It turned out that the expression was wrong, Inara Rusli admitted that he was invited to Taaruf by 400 men.

However, Inara Idola Rusli Idola expressed his serious feelings about being invited to Taaruf. Like what? Check out the article!

400 People Inviting Taaruf

Anji is curious about the truth whether Inara Rusli was asked to be taaruf by 100 men. In fact, Inara Rusli admitted that he had been invited to Taaruf by 400 men. Even so, he did not know for sure the truth because through Ustaz Derry Sulaiman’s statement.

“100 people said they applied after removing the veil, is that true?” asked Anji, quoted from YouTube, Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

“400 people, but this is just for fun, I don’t know why Uda (Ustaz Derry Sulaiman) has such a sense of humor,” answered Inara Rusli.

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