IRACE Indonesia Successfully Holds Back to 80s Themed Fun Run

Jakarta – Holding a Fun Run in Jakarta with the theme Back to the 80s, IRACE Indonesia has successfully invited 2,000 runners to reminisce at the Food Garden, Jakarta Garden City, East Jakarta.

Not only offline, this event was also held virtually and was attended by participants from all over Indonesia. Curious as to what the excitement of the event is like? Come on scroll next article!



Photo: Special

The Back to 80’s Fun Run starts at 06.00 WIB and starts from the JGC Food Garden. Running participants come dressed in the style of the 80s. Not only the participants, all the committee involved were also enthusiastic about dressing up in the 80s style.

The Back to 80’s Fun Run medal is somewhat unique because it carries the 80s theme with a medal design in the form of a radio decorated with lights that can light up. There is also a Human Claw game available which allows participants to bring home lots of prizes.

Festive and Successful

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