Irma Purba Confides Crying About Her Household, Boris Bokir Enjoys VC with This Girl

Jakarta – Komika Boris Bokir is being hit by bad news. Because, he was reportedly divorced from Irma Purba from his remarks on the podcast.

The suspicion was even stronger when Irma Purba cried and cried about her household. The difference is, Boris Bokir even posted stories with other women. Who’s he? Scroll through the article below.


Ancient Irma

The allegation that Boris Bokir was divorced from Irma Purba was strengthened after Irma was caught confiding in tears. A woman who usually shows a cheerful side, suddenly cries confiding about her life’s problems. Irma shared how she struggled when she decided to marry Boris, namely having to leave her job.

“I quit my job, I gave birth to his child, raised his child. But the Lord Jesus is good, wherever you go, God always gives you sustenance,” said Irma, who was crying and smiling, quoted on Friday 7 July 2023.

The account then explained that currently Irma’s marital status was allegedly being hung by Boris Bokir and hoped that Komika would change.

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