Ivan Gunawan Angry because Accused of Insinuating Inara Rusli Viral Cheating Path

Jakarta – After his household with Virgoun was beset with problems, Inara Rusli got a fair compensation with many job offers. In fact, he recently received two awards at the 2023 Silet Awards in the life and romance categories.

However, the news about Inara dragged Ivan Gunawan’s name. Why? Let’s check the following article.

Not long ago, through his social media, Ivan Gunawan was seen satirizing famous artists through infidelity. Ivan was annoyed by the habit of Indonesian people who care more about less important issues.

In Indonesia, where can I see my work? You have to go viral with the problems of infidelity, divorce, corruption, and then get a glance,” wrote Ivan Gunawan in his recent post, quoted on Monday, July 3, 2023.

If you want achievements to the moon, people are also very stupid,” he added in the comments section.

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