Jeje Govinda Is Faithful to Wearing a Wedding Ring Even though Rendy Kjaernett Openly Admits to Cheating on Syahnaz

Jakarta – Recognition by Rendy Kjaernett, who frankly admitted to having an affair with Syahnaz, made netizens focus on Jeje Govinda, Raffi Ahmad’s younger brother. Recently, he admitted that he was fine.

Not only that, the Govinda drummer still faithfully wears his wedding ring with Syahnaz. What’s the portrait like? Scroll through the article below.

Wear the Wedding Ring

Jeje Govinda, Syahnaz

One of the accounts shows the latest portrait of Jeje Govinda and Syahnaz which is now in the public eye. Because Rendy Kjaernett had admitted having an affair with Syahnaz but Jeje Govinda remained silent and did not give any reaction.

However, Jeje Govinda is still making out with his wife. In fact, he still faithfully wears a wedding ring with Syahnaz.

Instead of a flood of sympathy and support, netizens were even furious at Jeje Govinda’s attitude. Because, he was considered to have kept quiet when Rendy Kjaernett had admitted to cheating on him several times with his wife.

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