Jerome Polin and Taeyong NCT Will Release Random Vlogs, Note the Broadcast Schedule!

Jakarta – Jerome Polin’s meeting with Taeyong NCT drew attention from Indonesian fans. The reason is that Taeyong seems to be trying food from West Sumatra to the Old City.

Not only that, they also said they would release random vlogs together. What is it like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Meet Jerome Polin

Previously, Jerome Polin had also met Taeyong and other NCT 127 members at their concert in Jakarta some time ago. After that, Jerome Polin and Taeyong started sending DMs to each other on Instagram and are friends until now.

On Saturday night, July 8 2023 yesterday, Taeyong NCT flew from South Korea to Jakarta, which was scheduled for the ‘CXO Media Live On Stage’ concert tomorrow, at Beach City International Stadium, Jakarta.

After arriving in Jakarta, it can be seen from Jerome Polin’s Instagram story posting, which took a photo with Taeyong. Apart from that, Jerome Polin also seems to have uploaded a photo with Taeyong NCT.

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