Just got married, there were many problems, Vincent Verhaag had the intention to leave Jessica Iskandar

Jakarta – Vincent Verhaag and Jessica Iskandar are present in the podcast hosted by Maia Estianty. Vincent admitted to Ahmad Dhani’s ex-wife that he had intended to leave Jessica Iskandar.

This is because of the many problems. Why? Take a peek in full below.

Shock Many Problems

Vincent Verhaag married Jessica Iskandar on October 22, 2021. Both of them become the ideal couple with stunning visuals.

However, after getting married, it turned out that Vincent had intended to leave Jedar, as Jessica called him. This is because he was shocked to get a lot of problems even though he had just said the sacred vows of marriage.

“When I got married, I was also a bit shocked, I’ve never been married before, then when I got married, there were disasters from left and right, that’s like Oh my God. In the beginning it was like, I had promised myself to take one for the rest of my life, would stay loyal and committed, suddenly I had a disaster like that, I was confused, like I said earlier, ‘Is this how it is married? Is this true or not?” said Vincent Verhaag, quoted from YouTube Maia AL EL DUL TV.

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