‘Just Single’ Putri Anne Allegedly Divorced with Arya Saloka

Jakarta – News about the closeness of Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo, came after the two were seen frequently making out on social media. This made news that Arya and Princess Anne’s household was on the brink.

Now the issue of Arya Saloka’s divorce from Princess Anne has resurfaced. Here’s the full article.

Reported Divorce

Arya Saloka, daughter of Anne

The news started when a netizen claimed to have heard that Princess Anne was single when she attended a fashion event, recently.

The Twitter account @bundakenken claims that watching the event on Instagram live, Princess Anne was called by the name Putri Anne Saloka by the host when she went on stage.

However, the owner of the clothing label later corrected Putri Anne Saloka’s name and said that the mother of one child no longer used the name Saloka.

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