Karma Used to Slander Marshanda


Jakarta – Egi John suddenly sold his Instagram account. He revealed that he needed money for his father to be treated at the hospital.

Seeing this, netizens actually gave spicy comments. They thought it was karma for Egi John’s treatment of Marshanda before. What are the netizens’ scathing comments like? Let’s take a peek at the article.

Selling Instagram

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Egi John sold his personal Instagram account for IDR 1 million. The @fatoobalighuraba account that Egi sold already has quite a lot of followers.

It turned out that Egi John sold his personal Instagram account to pay for the treatment of his father who was lying weak due to complications.

Ana wants to sell Instagram, starting from 1 million, negotiable. Ana is selling it for the needs of Abi who has diabetes and heart complications. For friends who are interested, you can DM me. Shukron. May all of us always be facilitated by sustenance, health & everything in this world and the hereafter. Amen!,” Egi John wrote in his post.

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