Keisya Levronka Blasphemed by Netizens Again Because of Being Considered to Have No Ethics on the Volix Podcast

Jakarta – The name Keisya Levronka is known as a talented young singer in the country. As a public figure, his life is often in the spotlight.

Previously, he was blasphemed because his voice was considered fake by some people.
But unfortunately, he again stole the attention of netizens because he was considered impolite or had no attitude when invited to a podcast. Here’s the full review, let’s take a peek!

Keisya Levronkan Is Considered As Cool and Has No Ethics When on the Volix Podcast


Photo : TikTok/abel.abigail

Not long ago, Keisya Levronka appeared as a guest star on the YouTube Volix podcast. However, in this content, he was judged to have joked too much and was considered impolite every time he answered questions from the host, Marlo Ernesto.

The video footage went viral and was re-uploaded by the TikTok account @abel.abigail. The podcast captures a moment when this 20-year-old woman mutters incoherently when responding to questions from the host, Marlo.

This incoherent mumbling incident happened more than once. In addition, the singer also answered simple questions.

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