Keisya Levronka’s Instagram Disappears As a result of Criticism, Considered Disrespectful During Interview


Jakarta – Singer who dropped out of the talent search event, Keisya Levronka had to swallow bitter words from netizens again because of her recent attitude.

Where Keisya was judged to be unethical when she appeared on the Volix podcast hosted by Marlo. As a result, blasphemy haunts Keisya and now her Instagram has been observed to be missing. Like what? Come on-scroll until it runs out!

Keisya’s Instagram account is missing

YouTube/Keisya Levronka Channel

Photo: YouTube/Keisya Levronka Channel

The lively discussion of Keisya Levronka made her name enter the Twitter trending line. Several video clips of Keisya answering questions from Marlo are also circulating on Twitter. Starting from Keisya who wasn’t serious about answering Marlo’s questions, to when Keisya wanted to go straight home without closing.

Currently, the video has been taken down, but several netizens who have already seen the video in its entirety from start to finish admit that they are annoyed with attitude Keisya. As a result, now Keisya’s Instagram has been observed missing and netizens are aware of this.

Keisya’s Ig account doesn’t exist now,” said a netizen who realized Keisya’s account was missing.
I’m looking for the Ig but it’s not there,” said another.

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