Known as Hits Maker, This is Melly Goeslaw’s Secret to Creating a Song


Jakarta – Musician, Melliana Cessy Goeslaw or who is familiarly called Melly Goeslaw is one of the songwriters whose works are much loved. A number of his songs became hits among the public.

Not surprisingly, the 49-year-old woman is considered one of the hit makers in the country. Check out the full review below.

Melly Goeslaw’s secret of making songs

Melly Goeslaw

According to Melly, each songwriter has their own characteristics. He also did not deny that he had his own uniqueness in creating a work.

“If I make a song, just make it. When it comes to Melly’s characteristics, of course all composers have their own characteristics which cannot be ignored because they are also inherent in him,” said Melly Goeslaw when met by media crew in the Jakarta area some time ago.

One of the ways to make songs is that Melly always pays attention to the conditions around her. One of them, he always analyzes the mindset of the target song.

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