Lady Nayoan doesn’t want to see photos of memories with Rendy Kjaernett: That’s a fake smile


Jakarta – Lady Nayoan is still hurt after her husband, Rendy Kjaernett cheated on her with Raffi Ahmad’s sister Syahnaz Sadiqah. The pain even made him no longer want to see his memorable photos with Rendy.

This attitude was openly shown when he appeared on Feni Rose’s YouTube podcast. Like what? Scroll in full below.

Lady Nayoan refuses to see photos with Rendy Kjaernett

Rendy Kjaernett, Lady Nayoan

When attending the Feni Rose podcast, Lady Nayoan told about the news of Rendy Kjaernett’s affair. At that moment, Feni Rose then showed an intimate photo of Lady and Rendy.

However, Lady Nayoan blatantly refused to see the photo, and instead directed her gaze towards Feni Rose.

“He was shown a photo that saw my face. You don’t want to see this picture anymore, do you? asked Feni Rose, quoted from the uploaded TikTok @taturracuntiktok2, Thursday, July 6, 2023.

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