Lady Nayoan’s striking answer was flicked to reconcile with Rendy Kjaernett after being caught cheating

Jakarta – The impact of the affair that was carried out by Rendy Kjaernett with Syahnaz Sadiqah, sister of Raffi Ahmad, suddenly made Lady Nayoan determined to file for divorce.

Even when it was mentioned about reconciliation and goodness, the mother of three looked confused and only asked for the best prayers. Curious? Scroll through the following articles!

Dicentile Refer

Lady Nayoan

After nearly 9 years of building a household with Rendy Kjaernett, Lady Nayoan has now chosen to separate ways after consulting with her attorneys, ending the path of reconciliation.

When teased by the media some time ago, after Rendy admitted his mistake on the Denny Sumargo podcast, Lady Nayoan chose to remain silent and asked for the best prayers for the path she was taking.

“Refer? How are you…everything is still in the process and can’t answer anything to be honest, please just pray, just pray so that our process can go well,” said Lady Nayoan in a YouTube broadcast, reported on Wednesday, July 5 2023.

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