Laughing, Lady Nayoan responds to the news that Syahnaz still wets the bed: Oh, I don’t know


Jakarta – After the news that Syahnaz Sadiqah had an affair with Rendy Kjaernett, many highlighted the fact that Jeje Govinda’s wife still wet her bed.

Lady Nayoan, who often lives on TikTok, was informed by netizens about the issue of Syahnaz bedwetting and gave her response. Let’s see what the response is.

Lady Nayoan responds to Syahnaz’s bedwetting problem


Photo : Instagram/ladynayoan

The issue of the affair between Syahnaz and Rendy Kjaernett is still a hot topic of conversation. Especially the issue that Raffi Ahmad’s younger brother still likes to wet his bed even though he already has 2 children.

In live TikTok, a netizen asked about Lady Nayoan’s response. While laughing at the news, the mother of 3 admitted that she did not know.

“Do you like peeing in the bed? Do you really? I don’t know,” said Lady Nayoan on live TikTok, as reported by Instagram Bundsthetic on July 13, 2023.

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