Learning from Syahnaz and Rendy, these are 5 dangers of confiding in the opposite sex when married

PeekSeleb – Rendy Kjaernett finally appeared in public and gave his response regarding the issue of an affair that dragged his name to Syahnaz Sadiqah. In his confession before Denny Sumargo, Rendy revealed that the affair started when Rendy felt comfortable when he confided in Syahnaz, who had been on the same project with him several times.

This incident can be proof that talking to the opposite sex when married can have some dangers and negative impacts. Here are a few things to note.

1. Opening the loopholes of the affair

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Intense confiding with the opposite sex can strengthen emotional bonds that have the potential to open up gaps for infidelity. When a person begins to share personal problems or marital dissatisfaction with others, especially those of the opposite sex, it can create a more intimate relationship and potentially lead to romantic or sexual feelings.

2. Causing dissatisfaction in the marriage

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