Left by Denny Caknan’s marriage, Aldi Taher releases a song for Happy Asmara


Jakarta – Aldi Taher, artist as well as presenter and singer from Indonesia made a new breakthrough. Now, quickly, Aldi Taher has released a song specifically for Happy Asmara.

It is known that Happy Asmara is the former Denny Caknan and is now living in marriage. Then what is it like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Aldi Taher Releases a Song

Aldi Taher

On this day, 9 July 2023, Aldi Taher quickly released his newest song for Happy Asmara entitled ‘Happy Marriage Mas Denny Caknanku Sayang’. It is known that the figure of Happy Asmara is increasingly in the spotlight when the former married Bella Bonita.

Investigate Denny Caknan and Happy Asmara’s relationship for a long time until they decided to end it. Now, last Friday night, Denny Caknan officially became Bella’s husband.

Coinciding with Denny Caknan’s wedding, Happy Asmara also released a sad song. Not only that, he also seemed to make posts with the words “I’m sincere.”

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