LEGITIMATE! Denny Caknan Reads the Akad in Javanese


Madison – The owner’s full name is Deni Setiawan alias Denny Caknan, who has successfully made his sacred promise to Bella Bonita very sacred and solemn.

Not to forget, the singer of the song ‘Los Dol’ read out the vows in Javanese. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the article below.


Right on the beautiful date at 7 pm, the 7th and the 7th month, koplo singer Denny Caknan officially made his sacred vows and married the beautiful model Bella Bonita.

By holding a closed consent process which was only attended by his closest family and closest relatives, Denny Caknan smoothly read the marriage contract once firmly and loudly using Javanese.

“I accept Bella Bonita Rafnotfic’s daughter, Mr. Agus Utomo, with a dowry of 1,000 grams of gold and 12 riyals paid in cash,” said Denny Caknan during the contract, reported from Instagram @dennybella_, Friday, 7 July 2023.

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