Lesti Kejora Comeback Singing at the TV Station That Fired Her Husband, Was Immediately Greeted


Jakarta – Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar’s households were hit by the problem of domestic violence or domestic violence. Lesti had reported her husband, but not long after the report was withdrawn.

In the aftermath, it was rumored that the names Lesti and Billar had been boycotted from various TV shows. Now, slowly the good names of the two have begun to be restored and Lesti is back singing on the screen. What was the reaction of colleagues and the audience like? Let’s take a peek together!

Back Show On TV

Tiktok.com/@ bintangku1902

Photo : Tiktok.com/@ bintangku1902

The excitement of the domestic violence case that happened to Lesti Kejora in October 2022 caused his name to be shifted from the jury position at a dangdut event. Since their household problems became public consumption, both Lesti and Billar have never been seen on the screen again, not even on their YouTube accounts. It was only after the situation started to be conducive that the two of them began to wara-wiri and look harmonious again.

Most recently, Lesti Kejora finally appeared for the first time on a TV station that had fired her husband from being the host of one of its programs. The presence of the singer from Cianjur was apparently welcomed by everyone in the studio, including the hosts and the jury.

“Lesti, welcome home,” greeted Irfan Hakim after Lesti Kejora sang for the first time, quoted from the TikTok @ bintangku1902 clip, Friday, July 14, 2023.

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