Loly Called Canceled Adoption by Antonio Dedola, Nikita Mirzani Nyindir: How does it feel?


Jakarta – Antonio Dedola uploaded a chat between Nikita Mirzani and Loly when the news of the cancellation of the adoption went viral because of Mail, Nikita Mirzani’s assistant. Mail said Antonio was unable to adopt Loly.

In the uploaded chat, Fitri Salhuteru’s best friend insinuated his first daughter. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Somasi Nikita Mirzani

Antonio Dedola, Nikita Mirzani

Antonio Dedola received a subpoena from Nikita Mirzani. He showed the contents of the letter in his instastory. In that upload, a Caucasian man from Germany described several warnings from Nikita Mirzani through his attorney regarding Loly.

Some of them, Antonio Dedola, was asked not to contact Loly at all.

“Our client prohibits you from contacting Laura in any way. Either via social media/messanger/phone/etc. Or directly, this request applies to your entire family. In particular you must refrain from influencing Laura to turn against her mother.” read the contents of the letter, quoted from Instagram @toni.dedola, Friday, June 30, 2023.

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