Los Dol – Denny Caknan Song Lyrics Complete with Meaning


Jakarta – Denny Caknan released the song Los Dol in 2020, and hooked Bella Bonita as the model for the video clip for his song, who since July 7 2023 has officially become his wife.

A Javanese campursari song, the lyrics of the Los Dol song by Denny Caknan tell the story of a man who is in a relationship with a woman.

However, the woman he loved seemed unable to forget his old lover. Even though it was bitter, the two of them continued their relationship.

Following PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of Denny Caknan’s song Los Dol complete with Indonesian translation, let’s scroll!

Los Dol Lyrics – Denny Caknan

Los Dol will continue whatsapp you
Check the data package, it’s easy, it doesn’t work
really dik elingo yen ex nakokne
i don’t miss,
I miss Kringet with your crew

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