Lucinta Luna asks for a link to the film ‘Exciting’ on the Threads account, Netizens: Isn’t it dangerous?

Jakarta – Some artists follow the trend of a new application called Threads. Lucinta Luna is also one of the artists who follows the current trend by opening a Threads account.

Through his first post, Lucinta admitted that he could not use the account. He also asked for links to foreign films.

So, what are the posts from Lucinta Luna like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Lucinta Luna Create a Threads Account

Social media is now excited by the presence of a new application called Threads. It is known, Threads is an application built by Instagram.

On this day, it can be seen that artists are following this trend by creating accounts on Threads. One of them is with Lucinta Luna, who doesn’t want to be left behind, creating this account.

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