Lucinta Luna shows off her intimacy with boyfriend Caucasians on TV, netizens are sad to touch on LGBT: this is bad

Jakarta – Sensational celebgram Lucinta Luna is back in the spotlight for showing off her Caucasian boyfriend named Alan. The two of them were also present at the event hosted by Dewi Perssik, Rian Ibram, Caren Delano, and King Nassar.

However, the intimacy between Lucinta Luna and Alan made netizens sad. Why? Take a peek in full below.

Affection Show


Photo: Instagram/lucintaluna_manjalita

For Dewi Perssik, Rian Ibram, Caren Delano, and King Nassar, Lucinta Luna came with her Caucasian boyfriend named Alan. He recounted how he first met his Caucasian girlfriend, who is known to be from Ukraine.

Nikita Mirzani’s colleague admitted that he met Alan while in Bangkok. However, at that time Lucinta Luna was jaim and did not want to talk to Alan.

“Just right when I was in Bangkok, I fell in love with him. So then he approached me, ‘you wanna drink?’ ‘no, I don’t drink’, then he asked, why are you silent? then I just kept quiet, I didn’t want to talk, because I was proud, jaim at first, I didn’t say I was khodam, but he didn’t believe it,” said Lucinta Luna, quoted from YouTube Trans TV Official, Tuesday, 18 July 2023.

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