Lyrics of DJ Who’s That Girl and Viral Facts on TikTok with Dance Challenge

PeekSeleb – The song Whos That Girl became one of the viral sounds on the TikTok application. The DJ version of the song is widely used in conjunction with the TikTok dance.

What are the full lyrics like? Come check out the following article complete with its meaning.

Who’s That Girl Song Facts

Who’s That Girl is a song performed by Guy Sebastian, a singer from Australia. However, the original arrangement and the one that recently went viral are very different. Where, the viral one on TikTok uses a DJ arrangement.

Referring to the lyrics, the song Who’s That Girl tells of a man who falls in love at first sight with a girl in a club. He was curious about the girl he saw until he found out about the girl.

I was on the mic
I’m at the show

Doin’ my thing on a friday night
Do what I want Friday night

Had the floor burning up just right
Vibrant floor

Everybody was bumpin’, the club was jumping
Everyone was rocking, jumping in the club

Suddenly, you walked in
Suddenly you walk

That’s when everybody stopped dancing
It was then that everyone else stopped dancing

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