Lyrics of Song (It Goes Like) Nanana


PeekSeleb – The name Peggy Gou suddenly became a hot topic of conversation on social media, especially the TikTok platform. The DJ from South Korea has been widely praised for his skill in playing music, especially his widely played song, (It Goes Like) Nanana.

What’s the song like? The following are the facts and lyrics of the song It Goes Like Nanana.

Nanana Song Facts (it Goes Like)

It goes like, peggy gou

The song Nanana (It Goes Like) was just released on June 15, 2023, but has become a widely used TikTok sound. This song is the latest single from the DJ who is currently based in Germany.

Even though the tone is up beat, the meaning of this song is actually quite deep. This song tells about someone who will never leave the person he loves, because it has been ingrained in his mind.

Nanana (It Goes Like) Lyrics and Meaning

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