Lyrics of the Song Alay (Children Kite) – Lolita, Viral on TikTok Create Sarcastic Content


Jakarta – The song Alay Anak Kite popularized by Lolita has recently gone viral on TikTok. The music video for the song Alay (Children of Kites) was apparently released in 2011.

The song has lyrics satirizing the style of people who like to hang out here and there so that they are considered slang. Though somewhat tacky style. What are the lyrics like? Take a peek below

Alay kite child
Hanging out on the roadside
Same guys
Let’s see the social child
The rocking gait

Alay style like an artist
Pretending to be celebrities, all tacky
He looks unclean, oh of course narcissistic
Alay, don’t be exaggerated, please

It’s ridiculous to say lazy
Jijay saw how stupid he was
Alay people say kites
The style is pretentious

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