Lyrics of the song ‘I Can’t Lie, Miss You Much’ which is viral on TikTok, entitled Right Now (Na Na Na)


United States of America – “Right Now (Na Na Na)” is a popular song by American singer Akon. This song has actually been released since 2008 ago. The song achieved great success around the world, reaching high positions on various music charts.

Now, on the TikTok platform, the song is viral again and is widely used as a TikTok sound. Especially the lyrical snippet’I can’t lie, (I miss you much)‘. What are the full lyrics like? Let’s take a peek!

Meaning of Right Now (Na Na Na)

Right Now (Na Na Na)
Source: Youtube

“The song Right Now (Na Na Na)” by Akon has a meaning about longing and the desire to reunite with loved ones. The lyrics describe someone who has not seen their partner’s face in a long time and misses them deeply. They want to restart their relationship and erase the painful past.

This song expresses the desire to kiss and feel the love given by their loved ones. In other words, this song is about the strong desire to reunite with people they haven’t seen for a long time and create beautiful moments together.

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