Many Netizens Apologize to Putri Delina After Nathalie Holscher Alluded to a Living of 25 Million, What’s Up?

Jakarta – Not long ago, Nathalie Holscher’s statement went viral again, saying that Sule’s Rp. 25 million alimony for Baby Adzam was not enough. He even mentioned that Adzam’s shoes alone cost Rp. 10 million.

After the viral confession returned, suddenly many netizens apologized to Putri Delina. What happened?

Claims to earn IDR 25 million less


Photo: Instagram/marissyaichareal

Nathalie Holscher recently returned to the spotlight after deciding to take off her hijab. In addition, his statement regarding Sule’s Rp. 25 million income was considered small and insufficient.

Monthly money of Rp. 25 million, including small, Ms. But just be grateful because you still want to be responsible for your child. The milk, anti-allergic milk Rp. 800 thousand per small can, in 1 month 8 cans,” wrote Nathalie Holscher in response to comments from netizens, quoted from Instagram @lambe_danu, Monday, July 17, 2023.

Afterwards, Sule’s ex-wife revealed the price of Adzam’s other fantastic needs, such as clothes, bath soap, and shoes that cost millions of Rupiah.

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