Mario Dandy Calls Rafael Alun After the Abuse of David Ozora, Here’s the Chat!


Jakarta – Mario Dandy Satriyo revealed that he had contacted his father, Rafael Alun Trisambodo after abusing David Ozora. He bluntly admits that he just had a fight with someone.

What was the conversation like between Mario Dandy and Rafael Alun at that time? Here’s the article.

Call Raphael Alun

Mario Danny

Mario Dandy was a witness with the defendant Shane Lukas at the South Jakarta District Court. In his statement, he admitted that he had been called by Rafael Alun for dinner. He also admitted that he had just molested someone.

“Yes, my father, asked ‘Den where are you going to have dinner’ he called, ‘I’m going to end up having an argument with someone’,” said Mario when communicating with Rafael Alun.

“He asked ‘how come it’s like this,’ daddy told you not to be weird’, I said ‘I got emotional daddy, he abused Agnes’,” he continued.

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