Mario Dandy Claims He’s Used to Using Fake Rubicon Plates: Just to Keep It Cool

Jakarta – The follow-up trial on Mario Dandy Satriyo’s assault on Cristalino David Ozora is still continuing. Yesterday, he revealed about the Rubicon car with fake plates.

The youngest child of Rafael Alun Trisambodo explained the reasons for using fake plates to make them look cool. See below in full.

Mario Dandy admits that he is used to using fake plates

Recently, the number plate of the Rubicon car that Mario Dandy was driving, namely B 120 DEN, was a fake plate. He did not deny this fact either.

During the trial on 6 July 2023, Matrio Dandy admitted that he made more than just one fake plate. When he was still dating Anastasia Pretya Amanda, he also often made plates with the name of his ex-girlfriend.

“I didn’t just make a fake plate, I made a fake plate in Amanda’s name too. Her name is Pretya. I made P 23 TYA and kept telling her the story. There she also knew there was a B 120 DEN plate, just because I I want to pick him up in October, I installed the P 23 TYA. So I’m used to using fake plates,” said Mario Dandy, quoted from the Twitter account @logikapolitikid on July 7, 2023.

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