Mario Dandy Salting When Chat from Former Reads, Netizens: Really Crazy

Jakarta – Continuation of the trials of Mario Dandy Satriyo and Shane Lukas for the abuse of Cristalino David Ozora was held yesterday. Meanwhile, Amanda, who is Dandy’s ex-girlfriend, is presented as a witness at the trial.

During the trial, Mario Dandy was a little salty (unconscious) while smiling while the chat with Amanda was being read. Like what? Read more below.

Mario Dandy Keciduk Salting

Anastasia Pretya Amanda was present at the trial as a witness on July 4, 2023 yesterday. During the trial, he testified that he no longer loved Mario Dandy.

However, Mario Dandy’s legal team seemed to test Amanda’s statement. His party then read out Dandy’s chat and his ex.

“Okay, you said earlier that you don’t love Mario anymore, here’s your chat, January 30, 2023, at 02:01 second 39th, ‘Yes, I know you know that I still love you,'” said the Attorney for Mario Dandy, quoted from the Twitter account @ntakterangg on 5 July 2023.

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