Married Today, Denny Caknan Is Even Allegedly Insinuated With Happy Asmara

Jakarta – After deciding go publicKoplo singer Denny Caknan will marry his girlfriend, Bella Bonita today, Friday, July 7 2023.

On the other hand, Denny Caknan’s ex-girlfriend, Happy Asmara, has just released her new single entitled “Sadar Position”, not long after the announcement that Denny would marry. This makes a lot of questions arise why their time together. To the extent that Denny and Happy allegedly teased each other. Like what? Come on scroll until it runs out!

Denny Caknan Allegedly satirized

Denny caknan

After announcing his wedding plans with Bella Bonita, not a few fans of Denny and Happy were disappointed. However, through live Instagram, the singer of Los Dol asked fans to respect his decision because it was his choice.

Then, while trying out the trending new application, Threads, Denny Caknan wrote the latest tweet.

How come when I’m arep rabi haha ​​(how come when i want to get married haha),” wrote Denny Caknan on the Threads application, Thursday, 6 July 2023,

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