Marsha Aruan let slip that Fuji and El Rumi had a relationship, immediately panicked for clarification


Jakarta – Marsha Aruan and Fuji first met at an awards ceremony. In the spotlight, Marsha Aruan let slip that Fuji had a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, El Rumi.

But as if conscious, he immediately panicked to provide clarification. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

let slip

After breaking up with Thariq Halilintar, Fuji is often rumored to be close to a number of male celebrities, one of which is El Rumi. Both of them were considered suitable and even asked to establish love by some of their fans.

This news was revealed by Raffi Ahmad when he was on the same stage with Fuji and Marsha Aruan. Interestingly, when Nagita Slavina’s husband mentioned El Rumi and Fuji’s relationship, Marsha Aruan agreed.

“Isn’t there news that Fuji was close to El Rumi?” asked Raffi Ahmad.
“No, guns,” said Fuji.
“Usually, when Raffi Ahmad talks like that, it’s really official,” continued Ruben Onsu.
“Yes, that’s true,” said Marsha Aruan.

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