More Confident After Removing Hijab, Putri Anne: I’m Glad To Be Back

Jakarta – Arya Saloka’s wife, Putri Anne, is known to have taken off her hijab some time ago. This has become a debate, especially since he was rumored to be separating from Arya Saloka due to the issue of an affair with Amanda Manopo.

Back to uploading her portrait without the hijab, Princess Anne expressed her happiness. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Glad To Be Back

Princess Anne

Princess Anne, who was previously viral because of her controversial actions, starting from speaking harshly during a live broadcast, is now determined to let go of her hijab. He showed off his long blonde hair and uploaded his portrait on social media.

Furthermore, Princess Anne also uploaded her old portrait, which still has long black hair and light make-up. Wearing a plaid shirt and wearing a white tank top, Princess Anne expressed her happiness.

“I’m glad you (himself) are back. I miss you,” wrote Princess Anne, in Indonesian translation, Friday, 30 June 2023.

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