Morgan Oey and Ernest Prakasa Culture Shock Comes to China: Lots of Human Waste

Jakarta – Morgan Oey and Ernest Prakasa recently revealed the culture shock they felt during their visit to China.

It is admitted that on the Chinese Wall, a lot of human excrement. Because of the trauma of using the toilet, Morgan didn’t even dare to drink. What was the narrative like? Take a peek below.

Lots of Human Waste on the Chinese Wall

Morgan Oey, Ernest Prakasa

Coming to YouTube HAHAHA TV, Morgan Oey tells about his first film entitled ‘Assalamualaikum Beijing’.

The film, which was made on the Great Wall of China, later made Ernest Prakasa reveal his memories when he was shocked to find that there was a lot of human waste.

“The Chinese Wall, you’ll find tokai everywhere too, right?” asked Ernest Prakasa quoted on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.
“I was culture shocked, it was really dirty,” answered Morgan Oey, confirming.

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