Mulan Jameela exposes her son’s face, netizens: handsome too

Jakarta – Mulan Jameela was caught showing off her son’s face from her first marriage to Harry Nugraha.

Suddenly, the portrait of Mulan Jameela’s son’s face was busy in the spotlight of netizens and not a few praised his visuals. Here’s more through the review below.

Mulan Jameela’s Boy Face


Photo: mulanjameela1/instagram

Recently Mulan Jameela showed off her sweet moments with her son Daffi Nugraha, or who is also known as Rafly Aziz.

Rafly Aziz is the second child of Mulan Jameela from her marriage to Harry Nugraha, who also has a daughter named Tiarani Savitri.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Q-time at the mall near the airport with my bachelor before leaving for a work visit..,” wrote Mulan Jameela in her personal Instagram post @mulanjameela1 recently.

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