‘My former wife is a flight attendant’ Criticizes Boris Bokir, who is now suspected of being divorced from Irma Purba

Jakarta – Komika Boris Bokir, who was hit by unpleasant news about his household relationship, is now being discussed more and more. It is strongly suspected that he is already divorced from his wife, Irma Purba.

This was revealed from his remarks on YouTube content. What did he say? Read more below.

said Boris Bokir

Boris Bokir hosts events on YouTube KUY Entertainment. In the event, he hosted a podcast and invited Dedek Indi as a guest star.

However, the remarks of Indra Jegel and Bene Dion’s colleagues are in the spotlight. Because, when talking about flight routes, he mentioned his ex-wife.

“In the past, you lived far, right? The Kebon Jeruk toll road passes, the Cikupa toll road passes. Do you use a shuttle when leaving? The complex is in front of the pilot complex? How long have you been a flight attendant? 4 years from the initial?” asked Boris Bokir.

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