Nathalie Holscher appears in an open dress after removing the hijab, netizens: why is it like this?


Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher, who has now decided to let go of the hijab, started having a photo shoot with her new appearance.

One of them is a recent photo shoot, where Nathalie wore an open dress that exposed her long legs. No doubt his appearance also caused debate among netizens. What was the photo shoot like?

Nathalie Holshcer Shows off in an Open Dress


Photo : Instagram/victoria_makeupatelier

Even though she chose to remove the hijab and raised pros and cons, this did not diminish Nathalie Holscher’s career. He remains active in accepting various collaboration offers until he undergoes a photo shoot.

One of the latest photo shoots of Sule’s ex-wife is in the spotlight of netizens. The reason is, Nathalie Holscher began to appear bold to show her curves.

In the photo shoot, Baby Adzam’s mother wore a Barbie-style pink dress, then posed like a professional model. The highlight is the skirt which has a side slit.

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