Nathalie Holscher Called Open Hijab For Cuan, Friends Give Defense

Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher has decided to let go of the hijab she has been using since she converted to Islam. But the reason why Nathalie Holscher opened the hijab is not known to the public with certainty.

So that there is an alleged underlying reason for looking for money, alias money alone. However, her best friend, Marissya Icha, denied this. Come on, take a peek at the argument from his best friend.

Called For Money

Instagram/ @nathalieholscher

Photo : Instagram/ @nathalieholscher

As previously known, Nathalie Holscher is determined to remove the hijab she has been wearing all this time. He announced his decision via Instagram upload on Monday, July 10, 2023.

Instantly, Nathalie Holscher’s decision to remove the hijab became a hot topic among netizens. Various things were discussed by netizens regarding the latest appearance of Sule’s ex-wife.

One of them is the reason why Nathalie Holscher took off the hijab. A netizen was desperate to address this issue in the comments column uploaded by Nathalie Holscher’s best friend, Marissya Icha.

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