Nathalie Holscher officially takes off her hijab, this is what Sule did


Jakarta – Homeland artist Nathalie Holscher recently surprised her fans. Because, he officially took off his hijab and showed off his long hair.

In contrast to Nathalie Holscher’s ex-husband, Sule. He was caught doing something that shocked him. Then, what is it? Scroll through the article below.

Instagram/ @nathalieholscher

Photo : Instagram/ @nathalieholscher

Yesterday, July 10, 2023, Nathalie Holscher shocked the public. Because, Adzam’s mother officially took off her hijab after years of covering herself.

Even though he hasn’t explained the reason, his old statement has been in the spotlight. It turned out that she used to be angry with God and wanted to take off her hijab.

“You’re a convert. When you are down, there must be times when you are not strong about this life (thinking) ‘I want to take off my hijab’. Because many of my friends are stressed, it’s like being angry at God and immediately taking off the hijab,” asked Maia Estianty, quoted from the upload of the gossip account @lambe_danu, Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

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