Nathalie Holscher Opens a Salon Business, Netizens Dismiss: Is This the Reason for Taking Off the Hijab?

Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher’s decision to take off her hijab happened recently. After causing a stir by removing her hijab, Sule’s ex-wife announced the opening of her new business, namely the salon business.

Through an Instagram post, Nathalie Holscher admitted that her dream was to open a salon. But, netizens are actually sarcastic by connecting it with removing the hijab. Why? Check out the full article!

Nathalie Holscher Is Grateful The Dream Of Opening A Salon Has Come True

Through her Instagram, Nathalie Holscher shows a video summary of the opening of her salon business. It can be seen that Nathalie cut the ribbon for the opening of her salon in the PIK area, North Jakarta. Sule’s ex-wife also took a walk showing the interior and services of her salon.

Accompanying her upload, Nathalie Holscher is grateful that her dream has finally come true. Her dream is to have a business in the beauty sector.

“The thing I dreamed of has finally come true. Having a business in the beauty sector is achieved by opening the Lashair Lounge,” wrote Nathalie Holscher on her Instagram, reported by IntipSeleb on Monday, July 17, 2023.

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