Nathalie Holscher’s first selfie without a hijab, a happy smile


Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher shares her first selfie portrait without wearing a hijab. Since deciding to remove the hijab, Sule’s ex-wife has been in the spotlight of netizens.

Before sharing her first selfie portrait without a hijab, Nathalie Holscher actually cried to Umik Pipik. Like what? Take a peek at the article!

Prime Selfie Portrait Without Hijab

Through her Instagram, Nathalie Holscher shared her first portrait without wearing a hijab. In that portrait, Nathalie shows a selfie while in a car.

In these 4 collaged photos, Nathalie Holscher shows off a variety of expressions. In the first photo, for example, Nathalie supports her chin. Then, Nathalie was stylishly drinking her drink. Then, Nathalie posed in a peace style and smiled broadly.

When showing off her selfie without a hijab for the first time, Nathalie Holscher was seen wearing a green and blue jeans shirt. The make-up on Nathalie looked flawlessas well as her long, beautifully loose hair.

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