Netizens comment on Reza Rahadian’s ‘Gunk Cucok Meong’


Jakarta – Reza Rahadian is considered to have graceful gestures. In fact, netizens likened the actor to Ragil Mahardika, who is known to have a sexual disorder, aka gay.

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Gestures Be Focused

Reza Rahadian was gossiped about gracefully. In fact, netizens call this talented Indonesian actor like Ragil Mahardika, a gay TikTok celebrity from North Sumatra (North Sumatra) who married the same sex in Germany.

The gossip started with a video of Reza Rahadian greeting his fans via live broadcast on his birthday with his mother and manager.

“Hi everyone, I am again with my mother and my manager. Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes, thank you so much, I truly appreciate it,” said Reza Rahadian on the lambegosiip Instagram account.

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