Netizens Nyinyir Call Like Holidays Here And There But No Sacrifice, Siti Badriah Gives Elegant Responses


Jakarta – Every Eid al-Adha celebration, a number of Indonesian artists don’t miss celebrating this moment by making sacrifices. However, it’s different from Siti Badriah who didn’t post about the qurbani, because of that, she was even mocked by netizens.

Until finally, Siti Badriah and her husband responded back to netizens’ sarcasm by giving elegant answers. Curious? Let’s see the full review.

Siti Badriah and Her Husband Got Nyinyir Netizens

Siti Badriah

Siti Badriah is again criticized for not sacrificing, even though she is known as one of the richest artists and often goes on holiday out of town and abroad.

Why don’t you sacrifice, why? Vacation turn here and there can. It’s not that you can’t afford a cow, right? I don’t even sacrifice once a year, I’m sorry sis, because the celebrities who don’t make stories about slaughtering cows are only families,” commented netizens on one of Siti Badriah’s uploads on her personal Instagram Story, quoted by Intipseleb on Friday, June 30, 2023.

I’m sorry, KK is Islamic, isn’t it, nonis?,” another netizen asked.

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