Nicknamed the Queen of Senoparty, Erika Carlina admits that she is late because of this

Jakarta – The beautiful celebgram Erika Carlina is known as a public figure who has a sparkling and classy life.

Often visiting a number of clubs and bars, this exotic-skinned woman has been successfully dubbed the ‘Queen of Senoparty’. Is it true? Check out the full article below.

Nicknamed Queen of Senoparty

Instagram.con/NGOBROL ASIX

Photo : Instagram.con/NGOBROL ASIX

The actress whose full name is Erika Carlina Batlawa Soekri, has a luxurious life and is full of glittering capital city nights. Having become a successful influencer and actor in feature films, Aldy Mandini’s ex-girlfriend is often referred to as a party queen.

Her passion for nightlife and alcoholic beverages has made Erika Carlina skyrocket and is known by many people. But who would have thought that the woman who was born in Cilacap admitted that she was a late mischievous woman.

Born in the area and having a domicile that always moved around, Erika Carlina’s parents actually hoped that she would work as a doctor.

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