Nikita Mirzani Allegedly Shows Off ‘New Boyfriend’ After Being Insinuated Marriage Never Lasts Long

Jakarta – Homeland artist Nikita Mirzani uploaded her portrait with a male figure when asked about a new boyfriend. He was also previously insinuated that marriage could never last long.

Instead of getting angry, he responded casually. What’s that? Scroll through the article below.

Marriage Doesn’t Last Long

Homeland artist Nikita Mirzani is considered to be even more glamorous after the news that her first daughter, Loly, was said to be homeless in London. This was revealed by Mail, Nikita Mirzani’s assistant via TikTok.

He said Nikita Mirzani’s ex-husband, Antonio Dedola, had canceled adopting Loly. In fact, he previously admitted that he would pay for Loly’s school in London, which has now been stopped by Nikita Mirzani.

Mail also added that Loly did not want to return to Indonesia with Fitri Salhuteru’s friend. He prefers to be homeless in London.

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