Nikita Mirzani Disturbed Phone Number from Germany, Antonio Dedola?

Jakarta – Nikita Mirzani shows off his cell phone history. In this history, the mother of Laura Meizani Nasseru Asry alias Loly shows a number from Germany that always calls her.

Previously, Nikita Mirzani clashed with Antonio Dedola after their divorce. Like what? Let’s take a peek in full!

Claiming to be harassed Phone number from Germany


Photo: Instagram/nikitamirzanimawardi_172

Through his Instagram, Nikita Mirzani shows the history of anyone who has called him. Of the many people who contacted him, Nikita seemed to be contacted by dr. Okyt Pratama and several colleagues.

However, what attracted attention was the foreign number that contacted Nikita Mirzani. The foreign number turned out to be from Germany, Antonio Dedola’s hometown.

Nikita Mirzani has circled a number from Germany that called her twice on July 22 and 23, 2023. When contacted by this number, Nikita felt annoyed because she didn’t know what it meant.

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