Nikita Mirzani Girang Indra Tarigan Detained After Mocking His Child: Thank God

Jakarta – Indra Tarigan is now officially detained due to a defamation case reported by Nikita Mirzani. This was because Indra Tarigan was proven to have committed a crime.

Knowing that Indra Tarigan had been arrested, Nikita then gave thanks. He also expressed his joy on Instagram. Like what? Here’s the details.

Nikita Mirzani is pleased that Indra Tarigan has been arrested

While uploading an article entitled ‘Indra Tarigan Finally Arrested for Blaspheming Nikita Mirzani’s Child’, sensational artist Nikita Mirzani expressed gratitude for this incident.

“Alhamdulillah, I thank you profusely to @kejaksaan.ri @kejari_jakarta_selatan, I finally got justice in the beloved republic of Indonesia,” wrote Nikita Mirzani quoted on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

Nikita then said that Indra Tarigan had been detained and would be serving time for bullying Nikita Mirzani’s child who was still underage.

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