Nikita Mirzani Misses This Figure After Antonio Dedola Unloads the Record

Jakarta – Antonio Dedola dismantled the recording of Nikita Mirzani’s voice crying while apologizing to her ex-husband. In fact, Nikita sounded still in love with Antonio.

On the other hand, Nikita Mirzani actually shows off chats containing someone who really misses her. Who is the figure who misses Nikita Mirzani? Take a peek at the article!

Nikita Mirzani Shows Off Someone Misses Chat

Nikita Mirzani shows off her appearance during a visit to Seoul, South Korea. The mother of three wore super tight shorts, a white shirt, white sneakers, and was accompanied by a matching tote bag.

Not only showing off OOTD while in Korea, Nikita Mirzani actually showed her private chat with someone who was suspected to be a man. The man admits that he misses Nikita to the point of feeling sad.

“Yes, but I miss you. I’m sad I miss you when you’re here,” chat the man, reported by IntipSeleb on Sunday, July 2, 2023.

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